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Revenue Architecture Textbook

Revenue Architecture Textbook

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The Textbook behind the Foundational Principles of Recurring Revenue
Welcome to Revenue Architecture, a textbook meticulously designed for recurring revenue businesses. Authored by Jacco van der Kooij, the founder of renowned B2B revenue consultancy Winning by Design, this book reveals the proven frameworks and systems that successful revenue leaders are using to align their Go-to-Market (GTM) teams to drive efficient, durable revenue growth. 

Too many revenue leaders are struggling to meet their goals from quarter to quarter, year to year. Why? Most often, their Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies are a hodgepodge of disjointed processes, unaligned systems, and siloed teams.

Inside these pages, discover over 250 diagrams, tables, and blueprints, all purpose-built for recurring revenue, that will streamline your GTM approach using scientific principles. Learn how to mold your GTM team into a 'revenue factory,' driving growth, cutting costs, and enhancing product quality.

Key Features:
Scientific Foundations: Grounded in First Principles, Models & Data, and Systems & Processes.

Growth Design: Detailed design for sustainable recurring revenue scaling with six foundational models.

Operating Model: Introduces a practical framework for peak operational efficiency.

Revenue Architecture will reshape your GTM thinking with foundational principles. The visual frameworks, models, and blueprints contained in this textbook will crystallize what you need to succeed in an unpredictable market with AI-driven evolution.

Who should read this book:
This book is written specifically for VPs of Sales / Marketing / Customer Success, Founders, CEOs, GTM strategists, and Revenue Operations professionals. The frameworks and insights contained in the book are informed by the author's collaboration with hundreds of high-growth SaaS companies. Use this book not a as one-time read, but as a perpetual, steady reference for building a lasting, resilient business.

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